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Xyber 9: New Dawn
  • Data della prima trasmissione:
  • Ultima data di rilascio:
  • Paese originale: US
  • Lingua originale: en
  • Runtime: 22 minutes 30 minutes
  • Produzione:
  • Generi: Animation
  • Rete TV:

Xyber 9: New Dawn

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Panoramica: Xyber 9: New Dawn is an animated television series produced by Bokabi and Saban Entertainment. It originally debuted on the Fox Kids network on September 25, 1999. Only 10 episodes aired before it was cancelled on December 4, 1999. Soon after, it was aired in its entirety on Irish television network RTE Two in the summer of 2001. Six years later, it appeared on Toon Disney as part of the channel’s Jetix line up. In addition to re-airing the first 10 episodes, the remaining 12 episodes aired from February 24, 2007, through April 8, 2007, although these episodes were made in 2000.

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Xyber 9: New Dawn

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