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I’m for the Hippopotamus (1979) Film Streaming Ita Altadefinizione HD

I’m for the Hippopotamus Film Streaming Ita Altadefinizione HD

Sinossi e dettagli: In Africa, Slim and Tom don’t like it when a German tyrant starts selling all of the African wildlife to Canadian zoos. Slim and Tom must teach this guy a lesson by beating the hell out of him and his gang.

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I’m for the Hippopotamus Film Streaming Ita Altadefinizione HD

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I’m for the Hippopotamus – Attori e attrici

I'm for the Hippopotamus

Terence Hill
I'm for the Hippopotamus

Bud Spencer
I'm for the Hippopotamus

Joe Bugner
I'm for the Hippopotamus

May Dlamini
Mama Leone
I'm for the Hippopotamus

Dawn Jürgens
Stella (Slim’s lady-love)
I'm for the Hippopotamus

Malcolm Kirk
Ormond’s bald henchman

Direttore del film e della squadra dietro di lui I’m for the Hippopotamus

  • Italo Zingarelli [ Director ]
  • Italo Zingarelli [ Screenplay ]
  • Barbara Alberti [ Screenplay ]
  • Amedeo Pagani [ Screenplay ]
  • Vincenzo Mannino [ Screenplay ]
  • Roberto Palaggi [ Producer ]

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