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Internal Affairs (1990) Streaming Complet Vf

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Internal Affairs Streaming Complet VF

Internal Affairs Streaming Complet Vf Internal AffairsStreaming, Internal Affairs Streaming film, Internal Affairs Streaming Complet, Internal Affairs Streaming Film VF, Internal Affairs Streaming Complet Film VF,Keen young Raymold Avila joins the Internal Affairs Department of the Los Angeles police. He and partner Amy Wallace are soon looking closely at the activities of cop Dennis Peck whose financial holdings start to suggest something shady. Indeed Peck is involved in any number of dubious or downright criminal activities. He is also devious, a womaniser, and a clever manipulator, and he starts to turn his attention on Avila.

  • Release: 1990-01-12
  • Rating: 6.4
  • Production: Paramount /
  • Genre: Crime Drama

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Que disent les gens Internal Affairs film

John Chard

Like a big baby with buttons all over. I push the buttons.Internal Affairs is directed by Mike Figgis and written by Henry Bean. It stars Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Nancy Travis, William Baldwin and Laurie Metcalf. Music is jointly produced by Figgis, Brian Banks and Anthony Marinelli and cinematography is by John A. Alonzo.Stylish neo-noir that has Gere as Dennis Peck, a crooked cop under investigation by IAD operatives Garcia and Metcalf.Peck is a master manipulator, a devious bastard who has his fingers in so many mud pies he could start his own bakery. Gere is on fire with the role, imbuing Peck with a menacing nastiness that’s a constant throughout the entire play. Once Figgis and Bean have laid the character foundations, the plot turns into a psychological battle of wills and skills between Peck and Raymond Avila (Garcia), with Peck always one step ahead because he knows where Avila’s weakness is.Figgis slow burns the tension with great aplomb, then unleashes the beasts for the thriller aspects of Bean’s screenplay. The look and feel of the piece is that of doom, deftly positing Peck’s vileness within a city awash with crooks, hookers and hitmen for hire. 8/10

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Internal Affairs
Internal Affairs

Directeur de film et équipage derrière Internal Affairs

  • Mike Figgis
  • Frank Mancuso Jr.
  • Brian Banks
  • Mike Figgis
    Original Music Composer
  • Robert Estrin
  • John A. Alonzo
    Director of Photography

Date de sortie:
US 1990-01-12

Budget du film:

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Internal Affairs – Acteurs de cinéma et actrice

Internal Affairs

Richard Gere
Dennis Peck
Internal Affairs

Andy García
Raymond Avila
Internal Affairs

Laurie Metcalf
Amy Wallace
Internal Affairs

Nancy Travis
Kathleen Avila
Internal Affairs

Elijah Wood
Sean Stretch
Internal Affairs

Richard Bradford

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